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Plus 3 - 14'-3" #9/10 Salmon Rod

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Plus 3 Salmon Fly Rod 14' 3".  

Optimised as a travel rod – the tube measures 34 inches (86 cms) long and 3 1/4 inch (8 cms) round it easily fits into a standard suitcase - this is a 6 section salmon rod weighing 9.5oz (270 grams) with a # 9/10 (38 grams) line rating.   Light and easy to use, this rod's middle to tip action allows for both shooting head and short head spey lines.  
In recent months we've received a number of enquiries about fly line weights for our Plus 3 14' Salmon rod in particular in relation to the new range of salmon lines, e.g. Skagit, Scandi and Rio "In Touch" that refer to both AFTM, Grains and Grams.    To remove any doubt in the angler's mind the Plus 3 14' Salmon rod was manufactured for a traditional #9/10 Spey line; this equates to 37/38 grams or 580 grains.   By using one of these new range of salmon line that match these grams or grains weights you will not overload the rod.   Should you use one higher, e.g. only looking at the AFTM line rating, you risk overloading and breaking the rod.   Finally, remember that should you add a tip or change from a floating to a sinking head that the combined weight may exceed our recommended grams or gains weight.

Trout & Salmon rod test, Autumn 2015
“The Sharpe’s Plus 3 just felt right. It’s very comfortable in the hand with a light feel to it. We agreed it would suit all casting styles and abilities. It has quite a fast action with good tip recovery, but offers plenty of feedback through the blank when casting. It cast all lines with minimum effort and didn’t require much thought, leaving you free to concentrate on fishing. This is a good all-rounder that you could learn with and not outgrow as you develop greater proficiency. A worthy winner!
Verdict: All-round performance and excellent value.


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