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Trout Fly Lines

This is the original ArrowHead taper that is aerodynamic designed to ensure the line flies straight through the air.   Each line has a long front taper for delicate presentation, a weight compensated belly and a long back taper for distance Double Hauling within hinging.   They are constructed using two different line coatings for the head and the running line.   This allows a change in both colour and (in the case of the sinking models) the density between the two portions of the line.  

With fine manufacturing tolerances with a super strong, low-stretch braided core, the ArrowHead Twin-Lines may not be the cheapest lines on the market, but the cold PVC process means they do wear out.    They overhead cast and Double Haul like a dream and will even Roll and Spey cast.  The fact that Anglers and experts the world-over have bought these lines for nearly 20 years and they still asks for them again and again says it all.

Made in the UK,  and made exclusively for Michael Evans under the ArrowHead brand.

Each line comes with a unique line spooling fly box and instruction booklet.

These line are so simple to use and make distance casting easy.

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